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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? Check it out! We’ve developed this FAQ section to solve your problems!

Before your arrival

I made a mistake booking, how can I solve it?

Don’t worry. Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile! If you booked your accommodation with an agency, you must contact them for more details. However, if your booking was made from, just contact Vistamar or Playamar reception by phone or e-mail and we’ll sort it out for you as soon as possible!

What do I need to bring with me for the check-in at the reception?

All you need for your check-in is each person’s passport and a printed copy of your hotel voucher. Quick check-in and you’ll be free to enjoy your holidays! Remember you will be asked for a 50 euros (minimum 150€) refundable deposit per adult that will be back in your pocket at the check-out if everything in the apartment is in order, so keep it that way!

At the apartments

When do I check-in and check-out?

You can register at the reception at 5 pm and you’ll be granted access to the bar, the pool and every other services instantly! If you are arriving before that time, let us know your arrival date, booking name, voucher reference number, outbound flight and landing time and we’ll sort it out for you!

If you booked your accommodation on another website, your check-out is required to be before 11 am the last day of your stay. Occasionally you can pay extra for a late check-out. Ask about this option a couple of days before your departure and once you have your confirmed pick-up time from the apartments.

However, if you were even smarter and booked on our website, you are entitled to a late check-out, which means you can stay with us until midday!

What is the equipment at the apartment and what do I need to bring?

In case you haven’t seen it, there is a brief inventory in the apartments page. However, we can tell you that all you need is your clothes, basic hygiene products and food! The kitchen is fully-equipped so you’ll be able to save money by cooking your own meals at your own apartment!

You will not need sheets or towels. Our team will change them regularly to make sure your stay is just the best experience ever! And if you need a hair dryer, or an iron, just ask at the reception and we’ll have one waiting for you. Oh, remember your beach/pool towel, this is not provided, apartments towels are not to leave the apartment!

Where is my baby going to sleep!?

Our apartments are very spacious and you will not have a problem placing a cot in the bedroom or the lounge area, there is plenty space for the smaller one of the family! If you need a cot, just ask at the reception and our team will make sure your child will sleep like a baby!

Will I have air conditioning or heating at the apartments?

All our apartments have a heating system that will assure your comfort during the coldest months of the year. Air conditioning is available in our apartments and it involves an extra charge on your bill. Please, be responsible with the use of electricity and water, ClickBenidorm is making an effort to become greener everyday!

What if something is broken or missing at the arrival?

We are sorry if something is not up to our standards when you arrive. Please, do not be alarmed and let us know as soon as possible so we can fix it for you. You can contact our lovely team at the reception 24 hours so do not hesitate to share any inconvenience with them! We want your stay to be just perfect!

What else is included?

The apartments are also equipped with fire and smoke alarms and an emergency map for your safety. Please, get familiar with the surroundings and the emergency exits at your arrival in case it is needed during your stay.

Among other services, you can also access the laundry service for a little extra and watch spanish and british tv channels at your apartment for free! But don’t get too attached to it! Outdoor pools are waiting for you, including a kids pool that will bewitch your little ones!

In case you need Wi-Fi, we have included this service at the apartments in 2016! 

While in Benidorm

Pounds, euros… how do I use my money?

“When buying goods in Spain with credit or debit cards, you may need to show ID. You may be able to use a driving licence or a photocopy of your passport, but you may be required to show your passport”, says

However, we also know that having money you can’t spend in your pockets is a nightmare when you need to use it. That is why we offer you a Money Exchange service at the reception! Our staff are willing to help you with all these other services as well!

I need to make sure my money, passport and other document are safe, what should I do?

We do everything in our hands to make sure our installations are safe. However, if you still don’t feel comfortable leaving important documents behind while enjoying the city, remember you can always pay a little extra for a safe box! Ask at the reception and we will get it all done for you!

After your stay

I left something at the apartment and I need it back, what can I do?

Do not panic! Our cleaning service must have found it and put it safe somewhere. Contact us on Vistamar or Playamar reception and we will sort it out as soon as possible so your holidays are kept as the wonderful memory you deserve!

I absolutely loved it and I want the whole world to know it! How could I?

That’s the spirit! ClickBenidorm is thrilled to hear that! There’s a lot of ways you can let us know how your experience went!

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What if I still have more questions?

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